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Due to COVID19 our Ayr and Irvine practices are closed. All appointments are cancelled. Future appointments, please email the patients name and a mobile number to Once the government announces that we can re open, please contact us for an updated message. If you have problems with your brace, please try to nurse things through best you can and we will fix things when we see you next. If it’s causing pain attempt to move or cut the brace to gain relief. Good oral hygiene and soft foods are particularly important at this time. British Orthodontic Society webpage may offer additional advice

In extreme emergencies please contact 07736907969 and you will receive advice as to how to deal with your problem. Please keep yourselves and your family safe, best wishes from everyone at Embrace U.

Looking for Private or NHS Orthodontic treatment in Ayrshire?

Looking for Private or NHS Orthodontic treatment in Ayrshire?

1 Keep it CLEAN
2 Keep it all in 1 PIECE
4 Wear your removable brace ALL THE TIME
5 Wear your elastics ALL THE TIME

Looking for Private or NHS Orthodontic treatment in Ayrshire?

Embrace-U - Specialist Orthodontic Practice - Ayr and Irvine

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At Embrace-U Orthodontics we transform smiles using braces. Tailor made Private and NHS treatment plans are carried out in our busy Ayrshire town centre practices making it easier than ever to achieve the perfect smile you have always wanted.

Our Recommendations

We believe you should only receive the best and so all our orthodontists are specialists. This takes many years to achieve. Would you want your GP to carry out heart surgery? Please make sure that it is a specialist carrying out your or your child's orthodontics. You can easily search the specialist register on

Embrace U Orthodontics is part of the Scottish Orthodontic Specialist Group (SOSG).

We recommend that all children at the age of 10 are referred for a specialist orthodontic opinion to confirm that their physiological development is within the normal range. If you are concerned that your child had not been assessed at this age or older please ask your dentist to refer them to us. We are happy to carry out a free NHS examination.

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